The Benefits of Mobile Marketing Through SMS

Mobile marketing is one of the many different digital marketing strategies to promote the growth of a business. This can be done through advertisements catered for mobile devices, mass sending SMS, email, etc. The rise in consumers’ usage and time spent using mobile devices has seen companies investing time and effort to increase their outreach to potential or existing clients.

Different ways of sending out SMS

There are three primary methods of mass sending out SMS for your marketing campaign: Web SMS system, Application Programming Interface (API) system, and even through your email itself. For new users, it is best to go with the Web SMS system and email option offered by the provider itself. For users who are familiar with the system and wish to send out SMS through their own application, they may consider the API option.

Sending out customised messages

Instead of just plain texts, you are able to send out pictures to showcase your products that cannot be simply described with words. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words and it is guaranteed to generate interest from your potential clients. You are even able to send out interactive messages to conduct polls, survey or feedback form, and contests as a form of leads generation and maintenance of your current client base.

International coverage

The sending of SMS can transcend many boundaries: it is able to be received by people from many different countries or even by people without an internet connection. For example, if you have clients from around Asia, you are able to engage a SMS service provider in Malaysia and send out SMS to countries like South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Australia and even New Zealand.

Advantages of sending out SMS

The advantages of sending out SMS can vary in different ways: it can serve as a reminder to your clients who have an appointment with you on a certain date, as a platform for advertising your current products or even new products that are on promotion, payment reminders for clients who are nearing their deadline, notifications for events, etc. The potential of sending out SMS is limitless, as an outreach to the masses.


The cost of sending out bulk SMS will differ: the more you send, the cheaper it gets. For comparison, sending out 1000 SMS will cost about RM 90 while sending out 10,000 SMS will set you back by about RM 850. For bulk sending of SMS, you could contact the company and negotiate a better price with them. Take note of certain terms and conditions like: if the receiver fails to receive the SMS, you will still be charged for it, but the provider will resend the message again to determine if it is an error on their side, or an issue with the server/receiver.

Sending out SMS is just one of the many marketing strategies used to increase the profile of a company, and companies should always explore the many different ways of advertising through different mediums in order to gain exposure in the market.