3 transferable skills you can gain in sales

Sales can be a great career in its own right and it also enables you to build up a wide range of transferrable skills that can benefit you in a variety of other roles. Here, we take a look at three of the abilities that you can develop and hone while working in sales.


  1. Effective communication

This field is all about communication. To achieve sales, you need to be able to establish a rapport with potential customers and convey information in a compelling way. While working in these roles, you’ll have continual opportunities to refine the way you communicate. It’s important to be aware that contrary to popular belief, sales isn’t just about talking. It’s also about listening. The most successful salespeople know that to really connect with consumers, you have to take on board what they are thinking and feeling and tailor your message accordingly.

Highlighting the importance of this, direct sales specialist Appco UK uses an approach it has dubbed the Human CommercialTM. Developed by Appco founder and chairman Chris Niarchos, the concept centres on providing potential customers with the best possible sales experiences. The self-employed brand ambassadors in its network adapt their conversations to take account of the individual needs and concerns of the people they speak to. So, instead of simply delivering scripted messages, they engage in two-way conversations with customers, providing useful and well-informed answers to questions.

  1. Thinking on your feet

Sales forces you to think on your feet. When you’re having a conversation with a prospective customer, you can’t hit a pause button to give yourself extra time to ponder answers to questions or search for information. You might be asked for extra details concerning the products or services you’re selling. If you are, it’s essential that you’re able to provide the relevant facts accurately, quickly and confidently. You may also find that people raise particular issues or concerns. In these situations, being able to problem-solve on the spot can help you to rescue a sale.

The prospect of having to react quickly and effectively to people’s questions and comments may seem daunting at first, but it gets easier over time and it’s a hugely valuable ability to have.

  1. Strong organisation

Organisation is a crucial aspect of sales. For example, if you’re working out in the field, you may have to manage your schedule effectively in order to meet your personal objectives. Being methodical and disciplined in your approach will help you to achieve the most from your days. This focussed mindset and careful approach to time management can serve you well in a whole range of careers, so it’s a great skill to develop.

Whether you choose to remain in sales or you branch out into other areas, having these abilities will help you to achieve success.