Laser Vision Correction

Nowadays the industry of vision correction suggests the usage of more than 20 methods of treatment. Ophthalmologists agree that laser correction is one of the safest and effective methods of combating eye problems. During the laser correction, the cornea undergoes the process of deformation and the images begin to focus on the retina. The procedure is very simple and caters for almost everyone. Nevertheless, there exist some restrictions, and that’s why each patient should have a full examination before the operation.Having said that, there are many advantages of the laser correction, and they are as follows:

– Safety
The 1st operation was held in 1985 and even at that time it proved to be efficient. Now the doctors have become more experienced and new technologies have started to be applied. A great number of patients have restored their vision and it’s a marker of a positive result.

– Wide spectrum of appliance
If there are no contra-indications, laser correction eliminates myopia (up to -15, 0 D), hyperopia (up to +6, 0 D), astigmatism (up to ±3, 0 D). The perfect age of a patient ranges from 18 to 45.

– The speed
Laser correction lasts from 10 to 15 minutes; the laser affects an eye for 30-40 seconds.

– The procedure is painless
Local anaesthesia caters for the patients of all ages and precludes any pain. A good result is achieved with a minimum risk of complications.

– The procedure is held at outpatients’ department
You don’t have to go to hospital; laser correction takes only 1 day.

– Short recuperation period
The patient starts to see better as soon as the operation is finished; and the final result is achieved in a week. If you want to look cool whilst recovering, just put on your Ray Ban sunglasses. They’ll both help you look good and help to protect your eyes while they heal

– The predictions of the result
After the check-up the doctor can make a forecast concerning the results of the operation.

However, there are certain groups of people who cannot correct their vision with the help of laser technology. Among them are:

Pregnant women and those who are still in nursing period, Diabetes sufferers, Cataract sufferers, Glaucoma sufferers, Iridocyclitis sufferers, Myopia in progress, Patients with retinal detachment having been operated previously, Dystrophy of cornea, Changes of eye grounds and Inflammation of visual system.

The above symptoms are thankfully quite uncommon, and there have been millions of successful operations all over the world. The latest equipment, huge experience and co